Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Party Poop

About this time every year,
I'm usually in the process of sending out
Halloween invitations.

But after five fun years of hosting
a costume party,
I realized that I just couldn't manage
to get one together this year-
due to not being home as often. :(

The first year I decided to have a party,
I made crude construction paper coffins
and added a poem inside.

The second year, I made this:

The 3rd year I made a Gothic spider-infested invite.
And decorated my back bathroom accordingly:

And the forth year was a postcard.

Last year, I decided on a video invitation:
(The following may be offensive to some,
but if you like a good scare-
turn up the volume!)

I guess you can tell how much I love Halloween!
With any luck, I can resume the tradition next year.

Hope you are having fun planning your scary festivities!