Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Life Coach

There was a television program
on the other day
that promoted the idea of hiring
a life coach.
Especially in these difficult times
when the correct choices are crucial
to future success
and the wrong choices
will certainly spell failure.

They explained that a life coach
is hired to assist you with
your personal development.
They will help you set
and achieve goals,
share advice,
offer guidance,
and help you make plans.

For a few hundred dollars a month
you can talk to your life coach
30-60 minutes per week.

I was one of the lucky ones.
My life coach was free.

It was my mom.

She assisted me in my personal development.
Taught me to brush my teeth,
keep my hair and body clean,
(change underwear daily in case
there was a car accident),
and share with my brothers and sisters.

She took me to church,
helped me with homework,
and listened to stories that
must have bored her to death.

She praised me when I did
something right
and smacked me with the flyswatter
when I did something wrong.
But, through it all-
she loved me.

She hugged me-
kissed me goodnight-
smiled at me at supper
across a plate of pork chops,
and comforted me
when I was sick
or had bee stings
or was fighting with the boys.

She taught me to pray,
give thanks,
and to be humble.

She was my inspiration,
my comfort,
and the epitome of the kind of mother
I hoped to someday be.

She was strong without being rough,
sweet without being complaisant,
and beautiful without being embellished.

She was funny
and witty
and unselfish.
She was warm, compassionate
and devoted.

What happened to families?
To mothers?
To having the bond that supersedes
any life coach?
Of having the connection
that lingers in life
even after they are gone?

And even though my mom is
no longer here,
the values and morals and lessons
she taught me
continue to guide me and console me
as I make my way through life.

I may not be rich
or successful
or famous.
But I was led
by my life coach
to be a good person.

Thanks, Mom.
I hope I make you proud.