Friday, February 20, 2009

Hooray! It's Toothpick Day!

Today is Toothpick Day.

I'm sure you're all aware of it.

It ranks right up there with
National Obnoxious Day
and Don't Join The Circus Day.
Both of which are great excuses to celebrate.

But today we should be focusing
on the Mighty Toothpick Parade-
(which, unfortunately someone
forgot to inform my local
Chamber of Commerce about.)...

I haven't seen any Hallmark cards
on the subject-
and even my favorite grocery store
isn't running any special ads
on the little wooden wonders.

So, let me pick your brain...
(no pun intended)-
and open it up to some knowledge.

Toothpicks have been around
since the cave men.
Even their pea sized brains
had the power to realize that
a slender piece of wood or bone
would help dislodge food from
their Neanderthal teeth.

The Romans even formed toothpicks
from bronze and silver
and 17th century artists carved and
set them with precious stones.

However, it was Silas Noble and
J.P. Cooley who patented the first
toothpick-manufacturing machine
in 1872.
Good work, guys.

Now even Swiss Army Knives are
equipped with a plastic version
of the historic dental device.
(Never know when you're
lost out in the woods for days
when that bit of cattail root
or pine nut might lodge
uncomfortably between your teeth.)

Toothpicks really don't
get the attention they deserve.
Sure, we see them all the time
at restaurant check-outs and
grocery stores
and even holding together
fancy Hor d'Oveuvres.
But, we rarely recognize
their extreme necessity and
and modest price.

Thus, we celebrate today.
Toothpick Day.

Have a great one!