Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking for Luck

It's crazy that they actually set aside a special day
for all the superstitious people in the world.
(And really sad how someone like Jason Voorhees
is at the head of the pagan parade).

I'm not wary of black cats
and broken mirrors
or cracks in the sidewalk.
I don't carry a rabbit's foot,
avoid touching frogs,
or believe that if I wash my car
it will rain.

But I do sorta have a bit of
a superstition when it comes to
my coffee cups.

Sounds crazy, I know.
(But so does getting a wish
by blowing out your birthday candles).

My son has traveled a bit
and for a lack of any other sensible thing
to bring back as a souvenir,
he chose to start buying me coffee cups.
I love them all
and use them daily because
I am a caffeine dependent weakling.

I have one from Jamaica
printed with their hundred dollar bill.
One from Disney World
with "Mom" written on it,
and a great one from
Universal Studios.
I have also acquired a real cute one
from a famous craft company.

I started drinking from the
Disney World cup when I yearned
for my day to be full of fun.
I chose the Universal Studios
when I hoped for a day
of adventure.
And I drank every morning
from the craft cup
when I was seeking my creative outlet.

This silliness all started one morning
when I drank out of the money cup
and happened to win a few dollars
on a lottery scratch-off.
Just a coincidence, I know.
But very, very cool.

I realize that this coffee cup affliction
is probably immature and somewhat psychotic,
but it helps to look in
the cupboard every morning and decide
what kind of influence I want on my day.
Whenever I drink from my craft cup,
I make an effort to do something
with my art and writing.
And I laugh and play with the grand kids more
when I've had a jolt of java
from the Florida cups.
However, my money cup seems to
be used twice as often as the others.

My mind set is really what
this superstitious thing is all about.
Like they say-
you are only as happy
as you make up your mind to be.

Same goes for bad luck.
Being fearful can only hold you back
from creativity, adventure, and fun.

But I will admit this:

If my money cup ever gets broken,
stolen, or misplaced-
I'll make Jason Voorhees
look like an angel!