Monday, December 28, 2009

I'll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet

I'm cookie-logged.

Spongy with sugar
and caffeine-
and tortured with
jeans that don't fit right.

Yet, this week is just
an extension of the madness-
of the:
"    Let's see how much junk
we can eat and drink before
the New Year comes and
takes it all away".

I'm looking forward to replacing
the cookies with carrots,
the liquor with lettuce,
the cheesecake with rice cakes
and the garbage with grapefruit.

I am also looking forward
to going out with a big bang!
-To get all the naughty out
before ringing in'the New Year.

I feel like a bad pimple ready to burst.

I feel like a blackboard
thick with chalk marks.

I feel like a sloppy closet
spilling out in disarray.

I feel like a beach
with a million foot prints.

I feel like a silly song
that never ends.

I feel like a hive
of lazy bees.

I just want to wipe the slate
and start over.

I want fresh paper,
new pencils
and clean hands.

I want softer eyes,
a stronger heart
and a braver soul.

I want an empty stomach,
a full imagination
and an urge for adventure.

I want to step out of this year
and into the next
with no bulging baggage
or nagging regrets
or sad memories.

I want to come out of this tornado
like Dorothy did.
To land softly on January 1st
and walk out in new glittery shoes...
meet new friends...
see new places...
set my sights...
...and not be afraid.

If you've taken a peek at my
newest blog, you'll see I'm serious.
Maybe even a bit over the edge-
but- hey- that is another side of me
and I have to deal with it.
You don't have to tune in
if it's not your cup of tea.

Hopefully, I'll still be here, too-
pondering daily about the
funny things in life
and asking questions about
kids and housework
and sharing odd holidays.

I guess the countdown begins.
Four days left
till that giant door in time opens
and we walk into a new world.