Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: Notes To Self

Last Christmas,
my sister Linda
included a little spiral notebook
in a bag of goodies she presented me.

I immediately titled it:
The New Year- 2009.

(My granddaughter added                
the little footnote there.)

This is a hodgepodge
of my year.

A synopsis of twelve months.

A crazy look
at my life
in simple Notes to Self...
(Click to see larger)

Then I got serious about the diet -
even bringing the exercise bike
in from the garage:


Okay- But the next page
has this:

Getting ice cream?
What diet?

Then there's always
the job of finding blog subjects:

And getting ready for
the summer disco party:

Thinking about my diet again-
Composing songs for the beach!

Preparing for Sister Weekend-
And on opposite page: noting a name
for a kids book I plan to write.

You can see how totally
busy I am....
Here's Stella!

Then came the Halloween party:

And then there's pretty much nothing after that.

there's my year.

It would be funny
if it wasn't so sad!