Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I've Learned

I've been away from my regular routine
for over a month now.

The daily monotony of
get out of bed,
make coffee,
and eat-
has been replaced with the odd
pleasure of unscheduled moments.

I believe that everyone needs time away-
that small step back-
that gasp of fresh air-
that soft shedding of their familiar cocoon.

In a simple month I have learned:

1. That I don't miss the daily news-
prime time TV, or nightly talk shows.

2. That even in 98 degree weather,
you can put on a roof and paint a house.

3. That fresh cold water is the best drink ever.

4. That wet paint brushes will keep useful
for weeks if wrapped in zip-loc bags.

5. That I can use a table saw.

6. That red wasps will seek revenge
if you disturb their nests.

7. That there is a special beauty in
blue-tailed lizards, dung beetles,
pear trees and wild mint.

8. That air-conditioning was the invention
of a genius.

9. That I look like an old Hungarian woman
when I wear a bandanna.

10. That a bologna sandwich tastes
absolutely delicious after a hard day of work.

11. That silence is a special kind of music.

12. That my husband and I share the same dreams.

13. That time is short,
days fly by,
and years pass unknowingly.

14. That clearing your mind
is medicine for the heart.

15. That seed ticks, bees and spiders
adore the flavor of my skin.

16. That God is present in the pine trees,
the flow of the river, the song of a whippoorwill
and the glow of the moon.

17. That I miss my sisters more than I thought I would.

18. That I want to practice my artwork again.

19. That even though he yells because I
measured wrong, fetched the incorrect tool,
or mashed his finger accidentally-
my husband still loves me.

20. That I was forgetting the purpose of my blog
was to write what I felt from the heart- not to be part of
a popularity contest, a competition or a daily struggle.

I'm not back in my old, comfortable desk chair yet.
I'm still learning to enjoy these cool summer mornings
and parched sunsets.
My husbands laugh.
The hum of bees and the stir of clouds.

And the steady, unpredictable beat of time
that renews my appreciation for life.

This is a July 4th picture at the cabin
of my children-
their children,
their mates
and their pets.
I love these people!!!