Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Peaks

I have been so busy
that I have ignored time's passing.

But last night the farmer cut the hay
in the field behind our house-
and time rushed over me
like a heavy shadow.

All of a sudden I saw
him cutting away the summer-
chopping it off before I could enjoy it-
rolling it up in a neat display of lost days-
ready to be stored away in only memory.

I breathed deep-
hoping I could smell summer-
hold it in my lungs
and let it penetrate my soul...
Let it dance in my heart
a while longer...
Let it live in me
like a beacon of sunlight...

And I beg to please let summer
give me another chance to embrace it.

The grass curls crispy beneath my feet-
Sunsets melt into pastel watercolors.
The garden grows weary.

My days fly
like a kite that has no string-
like a butterfly
I cannot capture.
Like a song whose tune
fades with every moment.

Forgive me.