Sunday, July 25, 2010

Celebrating Two Years

In celebration of my second year of blogging,
I decided it was time for a little freshness.

My old blog title came from the column
that I used to write for the city newspaper.
I always felt it was a bit old-fashioned-
stuffy maybe-
and those crazy newspaper days
are behind me now.

Plus, it seems when you Google
"Porch" or "Pondering",
you get a lot of people that
ponder on their porches.

So, I opted for my blog subtitle
as my new heading.
Please make a note on your bookmarks.

I am still on a mini-vacation of sorts.
When my husband goes back to work,
I'll return here every morning
with something new to say.
I appreciate all those friends who have
continued to follow and comment
even through this lull.
Thank you.

Two years.....
How time flies
when you're having fun.

Thanks for joining me,
supporting me,
and being my best friends.

I'm peeping in from time to time
when I have internet access,
even though I may not always have time to comment.
I promise I will be back to visit you all soon.

For now, let's go have some cake
and celebrate!!